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Level Up's RED DOT™ methodology focuses on developing the complete athlete – coaching the game on the court and the game in her head.

How to choose the number of Training Sessions

The more Skill Development, The more Confidence She Builds

We create a custom training program to help her level up on what she needs.  Our progressive training sessions build on each week incrementally.

She’ll learn from veteran coaches and be mentored by current female players. Players who attend more training sessions see the greatest benefits as they are fully immersed in the program, strengthening relationships with our coaches and mentors and developing their skills on a week-by-week basis.

How it Works

  1. Choose between 1:1 or group training.
  2. Select the number of sessions. Don’t worry; sessions don’t expire. We work together to find the best time to train. 
  3. We create a customized training program to fit her needs. 

Meet your trainer

Welcome to Level Up! I’m Coach Bill.

I have been basketball training for over 10 years at the youth and high school levels.

I coached the U.S.A. Basketball youth team during the 2016 Summer Olympics with former Dream Team player Chris Mullen. I also played Steph Curry’s basketball trainer in a TV commercial. Currently, I co-host the Coaching Youth Hoops podcast and run

We run the largest girls 3v3 basketball league in Northern California for players in 3rd grade through high school.

I have coached the Varsity Girl’s Basketball team at Campolindo High School. Prior, I coached at De La Salle High School for three years.

I’m heavily involved in developing youth basketball in my community. I serve on two boards that together serve over 1,000 youth players.

My training experience ranges from youth to college players. I look forward to working with your athlete.

Level Up Basketball Training Coach Bill Flitter with Family

A schedule Just for Her

Customized Training to Meet Her Needs

  • Ball Handling

    Stationary ball handling routine that improve rhythm, feel, and coordination with the basketball. Dribbles move to help you blow by the defense at will. Critical progressions to ensure that your dribble moves are effective and explosive.

  • Shooting

    How to position your feet and align your body to increase the chance of shooting the ball straight. A form shooting routine that almost every great shooter has utilized that can be done at home. Proper footwork and how to develop a quick release. How to shoot game shots from game spots at game speeds.

  • Lay Ups / Finishing

    Finishing techniques used to reduce turnovers and make more shots. 1 on 1 finishing drills that ingrain good habits while competing in a fun way.

  • Passing

    Improve hand eye-coordination and passing skills with the Steve Nash passing series. Competitive passing drills to develop game-like passing with head and pass fakes.

  • Offense

    How to cut and get open. You will learn v-cuts, basket cuts, l-cuts, backdoor cuts, and more. How to attack down screens, back screens, and more.

  • Defense and Rebounding

    How to improve quickness and play better on-ball defense. How to improve speed with hip-turns, push step, and better movement fundamentals. 5 fundamental keys to effective close-outs. How position away from the ball and be a great team defensive player. How to effectively box out your man every time.

  • Footwork

    How to use your feet to gain a better position to score from almost anywhere on the floor. How to utilize front pivots, reverse pivots, step throughs, sweeps, drop steps, and hops to make you an elite player.

  • Controlled Scrimmages (groups only)

    Players will also get to take the skills they practiced and apply them in a game setting. This is fun and intense. The games are set up, so the players have to give maximum effort and execute proper fundamentals.

Year round Girls Basketball Training

Group Training

$ 65 per session
  • Up to Six Players Per Session
  • Drop-in Options
  • Teams or Individuals
  • Grades 3rd - High School
  • 60 Minute Sessions

1:1 Private Training

$ 99 per session
  • Private Lessons
  • Sessions Don't Expire
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Year Round Training

All You Need To Know

frequently asked questions

Upon purchase of a package pass, you’ll be sent a link to choose your specific training dates. 

Yes, as long  as it is 24 hours in advance. No shows will be charged full rate. 

Yes. Please provide 24 hours notice. We understand things do come up last minute. 2 or more cancellations will be charged full rate. 

We place kids in groups most appropriate to their ability.

Yes, the second sibling will receive an additional 10% off. Contact coach Bill for details.

It depends. If the sibling is of the same ability, yes. We will offer a discount for the second child in a family. Please ask Coach Bill for details. 

The 3v3 league is not included the camp pass. The Spring 3v3 league starts  in March and runs for 6 weeks. The Fall league starts in August and runs for 6 weeks.

All 1:1 training lead by Coach Bill. Group training is instructed by Coach Bill and local girl’s Varsity players from local high schools and College players may work with young players below 5th grade.

Coach Bill has been a basketball training for over 12 years at the youth and high school levels.

He coached the U.S.A. Basketball youth team during the 2016 Summer Olympics with former Dream Team player Chris Mullen.

Coach Bill also played Steph Curry’s basketball trainer in a TV commercial. Currently, he co-hosts the Coaching Youth Hoops podcast and runs

He coached at Campolindo High School and De La Salle High School.

He’s heavily involved in developing youth basketball in the Bay Area. He serves on two boards that together serve over 1,000 youth players.

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