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From Court to Confidence: Unlock Her Potential with Our Girls' Basketball Teams

At Level Up, we are dedicated to providing girls with a transformative basketball experience that goes beyond the court. Our girls’ basketball teams focus on skill development, mental agility, and instilling core values to elevate each player’s journey.  The unique aspects of Level Up’s program, including our RED DOT Framework, encompass essential basketball skills and the mental aspect of the game.

Team Formation

  • When there are enough athletes available within a particular grade level, teams will be determined during the first two weeks of practice at the discretion of the program director. While we strive to fulfill friend requests in the younger grades, we cannot guarantee absolute fulfillment.
  • At the younger grades, we strive to create teams of equal talent.  As the players progress we embrace the opportunity to establish both an A and B team, allowing each athlete to showcase their talents to the fullest.
  • We are proud to be a program that values the involvement of players without the need for player cuts. Players who join in the Spring or Fall, will either start out on our tournament team or our competitive 3v3 league. 

Skill Development Over Winning

At Level Up, we believe in a comprehensive approach that prioritizes skill development over winning. While winning games is undoubtedly important, our primary focus with our girls basketball teams is on ensuring each player grows and improves as an individual and as part of a team. We provide a nurturing and challenging environment where girls can take risks, learn from their mistakes, and continually push their boundaries.

Learn How to play (not plays)

Empowering Athletes through Skills Training

At Level Up, we have developed the RED DOT Framework to guide our training methodology. This framework revolves around three essential basketball skills represented by the acronym RED:


She will learn the techniques and strategies to dominate the paint, securing rebounds and limiting the opponent's chances to score. She'll learn to position herself for offensive rebounds and put-backs.

Efficient Scoring

We will teach your athlete how to score effectively and consistently. She'll gain confidence in her ability to put points on the board. She will receive expert guidance on shooting techniques, allowing her to develop a smooth and accurate shot and finish around the basket with ease.


Defense is a fundamental pillar of basketball. She will learn the essential defensive techniques needed to become a lockdown defender and disrupt the offense. She'll learn to read offensive plays, anticipate movements, and make smart decisions on the defensive end of the court.

Train The Game In Your Head

So much more than basketball

Apart from physical skills, mental and emotional growth play a significant role in a player’s basketball journey. All our girls basketball teams learn the how to manage the game in their head.  This is where our DOT approach comes into play:


We strive to instill the motivation and determination needed to excel in anything she does and how to consistently improve her skills to reach her full potential. We teach the value of perseverance and mental toughness, allowing her to overcome obstacles and bounce back from setbacks.


She'll learn how to be receptive to feedback, willing to learn and how to be adaptable and flexible in various game situations. A coachable player fosters positive team dynamics. We emphasize trust and respect among teammates and coaches.


Your player will learn the value of collaboration and effective communication with her teammates. This will lead to better coordination on the court, enabling her team to execute plays seamlessly and work together towards a common goal. We teach players to understand their role and embrace it fully. This division of responsibilities ensures that each team member contributes effectively and maximizes their potential.

Level Up With Our Girls Basketball Teams

Take the next step in her skill development.

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Where are you based?

We are a San Francisco Bay Area Based AAU program that operates out of Moraga, CA. Our players come from Moraga, Orinda, Lafayette, Walnut Creek, San Ramon, Berkeley, Oakland and other East Bay Cities.

Who runs Level Up Basketball?

I’m Coach Bill.

I have been basketball training for over 10 years at the youth and high school levels.

I coached the U.S.A. Basketball youth team during the 2016 Summer Olympics with former Dream Team player Chris Mullen. I also played Steph Curry’s basketball trainer in a TV commercial. Currently, I co-host the Coaching Youth Hoops podcast and run BasketballPracticePlans.com.

Level Up runs the largest girls 3v3 basketball league in Northern California for players in 3rd grade through 8th grade.

I was the Varsity Girl’s Basketball coach at Campolindo High School. Prior, I coached at De La Salle High School for three years.

I’m heavily involved in developing girls basketball in the East Bay. I serve on two boards that together serve over 1,000 youth players.

My training experience ranges from youth to college players. I look forward to working with your athlete.

How many games will my athlete play?

Each season – Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, teams will play a minimum of 8 games. Games will be added for playoffs or as tournament schedules allow. 

Where and when are practices?

Practices are held in Moraga and Joaquin Moraga Intermediate, Tice Gym or Wagner Ranch. Spring and Fall practices are held in the evenings (4 pm or after). Summer practices vary from early afternoon to evenings. Complete practice schedules will updated in TeamSnap. 

How many players do you have per team?

We average 12 players per team. This number varies on the make-up of the team (what other commitments do players have). We aim to have at least 10 players per practice. Team size will vary based on total players, one or two teams per age group and number of games played per day. 

How do you determine playing time?

Playing time is determined by our RED DOT Framework

  • Drive: Is your player showing energy and effort in practice?
  • Open: Is your player coachable? 
  • Together: Is your player demonstrating great teamwork?

Players make dramatic strides in improvement when they attend our practices. We practice 2x more than we play games. 

We do something pretty unique in our game-day rotations. We don’t just play the top 6, we play everyone in every game. We do hockey style shifts – approximately every 2 minutes a new group enters the game. We want players to go all out in their shift. 


What skill level are your players?

We except players at all skill levels and experience. We strive to have two teams per age group – we have a developmental team and a competition team. The developmental team plays in our 3v3 league. There they can focus on improving their individual skills. Players may start in the developmental team and level up to the competition team. 

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