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Learn How to play (not plays)

Empowering Athletes through Skills Training

At Level Up, we have developed the RED DOT Framework to guide our training methodology. This framework revolves around three essential basketball skills represented by the acronym RED:


She will learn the techniques and strategies to dominate the paint, securing rebounds and limiting the opponent's chances to score. She'll learn to position herself for offensive rebounds and put-backs.

Efficient Scoring

We will teach your athlete how to score effectively and consistently. She'll gain confidence in her ability to put points on the board. She will receive expert guidance on shooting techniques, allowing her to develop a smooth and accurate shot and finish around the basket with ease.


Defense is a fundamental pillar of basketball. She will learn the essential defensive techniques needed to become a lockdown defender and disrupt the offense. She'll learn to read offensive plays, anticipate movements, and make smart decisions on the defensive end of the court.

Train The Game In Your Head

So much more than basketball

Apart from physical skills, mental and emotional growth play a significant role in a player’s basketball journey. All our girls basketball teams learn the how to manage the game in their head.  This is where our DOT approach comes into play:


We strive to instill the motivation and determination needed to excel in anything she does and how to consistently improve her skills to reach her full potential. We teach the value of perseverance and mental toughness, allowing her to overcome obstacles and bounce back from setbacks.


She'll learn how to be receptive to feedback, willing to learn and how to be adaptable and flexible in various game situations. A coachable player fosters positive team dynamics. We emphasize trust and respect among teammates and coaches.


Beyond the court, we stand united. With love and acceptance, we serve our community, ensuring everyone feels valued. From our families to our classrooms, our team strives to be a beacon of unity and support, showing that when we come together, we can make a difference.

Girls Only Teams

We offer AAU Girl's Basketball teams throughout the spring, summer, and fall months.


1:1 & Group Training

Join us for 1:1 or group training sessions offered throughout the year.


Basketball Camps

We offer a variety of girls-only basketball camps throughout the year that vary in length and focus.


3v3 League

Join as a team or free agent. The league is offered in the Spring and Fall. 

Hundreds of Girls transformed

Our Team

Join a team of  amazing people who support our community – including college players and coaches, girls 8-18, and partners.

Girls Basketball Training

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Empowering Girls To Reach Their Full Potential

At Level Up, our unwavering commitment lies in advocating for girls in sports, and we are determined to create an environment that is safe, inclusive, and empowering.

Unlocking Potential Through Basketball

We wholeheartedly believe in providing girls with not just encouragement but also the necessary tools and guidance to excel in the game of basketball, allowing them to unlock their full potential through the invaluable lessons the sport imparts.

Exclusive Opportunities for Girls

Since 2014, we have proudly organized basketball teams, camps and training exclusively for girls, fostering an atmosphere of growth and camaraderie.

Passionate Leadership

Leading this extraordinary group is Coach Flitter, whose passion stems from recognizing the significance of girls uplifting one another and fostering a sense of community. Through his passion and commitment, he aims not only to impart fundamental skills but also to instill resilience and determination in girls, encouraging them never to abandon their love for basketball.


By nurturing their talents through these sessions, he aspires to inspire the next generation of women, igniting the same fervor for the game that has fueled his own lifelong dedication.

Transformative Lessons

At Level Up, we strive to be a dynamic force in empowering women to embrace basketball as more than just a sport. We firmly believe that the game holds profound wisdom to be learned, and we are dedicated to creating a welcoming and secure environment where athletes from all backgrounds and skill levels can access these transformative lessons.

Our ultimate goal is to witness the continuous rise of women in sports, and at Level Up, we aim to provide a platform where girls are not only inspired to unlock their athletic potential but also encouraged to pursue their dreams and passions through basketball.

Coach Bill with wife Chris, daughter Audrey, son Jack and dog Friday

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Basketball training for girls grades 3rd – 12th

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